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Novidades 2012

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Management of childhood stuttering
- O efeito do processo terapêutico para problemas de fluência de fala no discurso de pais - texto completo disponível em português

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Stuttering: Genetic updates and a case report

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for adults who stutter: Psychosocial adjustment and speech fluency
- A welfare economic approach to measure outcomes in stuttering: Comparing willingness to pay and quality adjusted life years.
- Coping with a child who stutters: A phenomenological analysis
- Five analogies between a King's Speech treatment and contemporary play therapies
- Language and motor abilities of preschool children who stutter: Evidence from behavioral and kinematic indices of nonword repetition performance.
- Linkage analysis of a large African family segregating stuttering suggests polygenic inheritance
- Long-term effectiveness of the SpeechEasy fluency-enhancement device.
- Methylphenidate as a treatment for stuttering: a case report.
- Neural control of rising and falling tones in Mandarin speakers who stutter.
- Past tense marking in the spontaneous speech of preschool children who do and do not stutter.
- Reduced activation of left orbitofrontal cortex precedes blocked vocalization: A magnetoencephalographic study
- Reducing anxiety in stutterers through the association between "purpose in life/Ikigai" and emotions
- Relationships between personality characteristics of people who stutter and the impact of stuttering on everyday life.
- Stuttering treatment for a school-age child with Down syndrome: A descriptive case report
- Theory and therapy in stuttering: A complex relationship.
- Traits of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in school-age children who stutter
- Witnessing stories: Definitional Ceremonies in Narrative Therapy with adults who stutter

Inserido em DIAG 2012 na página MÍDIA: Power Point da palestra "Estudo Molecular dos Genes na Gagueira"

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Stuttering: Genetic updates and a case report.

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- A voxel-based morphometry (VBM) analysis of regional grey and white matter volume abnormalities within the speech production network of children who stutter.

Inserida nova subpágina com a divulgação, fotos e Power Point das palestras do Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira / SP. Confira em DIAG 2012 na página MÍDIA

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Exchange of disfluency with age from function to content words in Brazilian Portuguese speakers who do and do not stutter.
- Nonword repetition and phoneme elision in adults who do and do not stutter.
- Resting-state MRI: A peek through the keyhole on therapy for stuttering
- Stuttering in school-age children: a comprehensive approach to treatment
- Two-Year Follow-Up of the Lidcombe Program in Ten Swedish-Speaking Children.
- When a School-Age Child Stutters, Let's Focus on the Primary Problem

Faça sua inscrição para o evento do Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira que acontece no dia 20.10.12 em São Paulo / SP. Clique aqui.

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- A case of bupropion-induced stuttering – Inserido link para full free text
- Autonomic and emotional responses of graduate student clinicians in speech-language pathology to stuttered speech
- Decreasing Anxiety in Stutterers through the Association between "Purpose in Life/Ikigai" and Emotions
- Differences of articulation rate and utterance length in fluent and disfluent utterances of preschool children who stutter
- Individual Variability in Delayed Auditory Feedback Effects on Speech Fluency and Rate in Normally Fluent Adults
- Optimal intervention intensity in speech-language pathology: Discoveries, challenges, and unchartered territories.
- Stuttering attitudes in Hong Kong and adjacent Mainland China

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Jan/Jul:
- Expressão de certeza e dúvida na gagueira: estudo dos aspectos temporais da fala - texto completo disponível em português
- Gagueira: uma questão discursiva - texto completo disponível em português

Veja a programação do Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira em São Paulo que acontece dia 20.10.12.
Veja também o Folder da Campanha Nacional.
Ambos se encontram em Eventos na página MÍDIA.

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- A case of bupropion-induced stuttering
- Disfluency patterns and phonological skills near stuttering onset
- Family History Interview of a Broad Phenotype in Specific Language Impairment and Matched Controls

Para facilitar o manuseio, a página Abstract 2012 foi dividida em duas: uma de janeiro a julho e outra de agosto a dezembro.
Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Improvement in developmental stuttering following deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease
- Weak Responses to Auditory Feedback Perturbation during Articulation in Persons Who Stutter: Evidence for Abnormal Auditory-Motor Transformation - transferido para Abstract 2012 - Jan/Jul seguindo a data de publicação

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- A role for inherited metabolic deficits in persistent developmental stuttering
- Neural anomaly and reorganization in speakers who stutter: A short-term intervention study.
- Resting-state MRI: A peek through the keyhole on therapy for stuttering

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Atypical brain torque in boys with developmental stuttering
- Brazilian version of the Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering - Adults protocol (OASES-A). - texto completo disponível em português
- Gabapentin for treating acquired neurogenic stuttering
- Stuttering treated with olanzapine: a case report.

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- A comparative investigation of the BigCAT and Erickson S-24 measures of speech-associated attitude.
- Alleviation of developmental stuttering following deep brain stimulation of the ventral intermediate nucleus of the thalamus.
- A Stuttering Discovery of Lithium Toxicity.
- Audiovocal integration in adults who stutter.
- Brief Report: Treating Stuttering in an Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
- Camperdown Program for adults who stutter: a student training clinic Phase I trial.
- Classification of types of stuttering symptoms based on brain activity.
- Communication attitudes of Japanese school-age children who stutter
- Culture and listeners' gaze responses to stuttering
- Investigating optimal intervention intensity with the Lidcombe Program of early stuttering intervention
- Managing stuttering beyond the preschool years
- Novel tactile feedback to reduce overt stuttering
- Psychogenic Stuttering and Other Acquired Nonorganic Speech and Language Abnormalities

Estarei fora por cerca de três semanas.
Durante este período participarei de um workshop da Stuttering Foundation of America em Boston, Massachussets e da 29ª Conferência Anual da National Stuttering Association em St Petersburg, Flórida, incluindo participação nas Master Class Series.
A Stuttering Foundation e a National Stuttering são as duas maiores instituições relacionadas à gagueira nos Estados Unidos.

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Stuttering characteristics of German-English bilingual speakers
- The influence of phonetic complexity on stuttered speech.

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Acoustic analyses of diadochokinesis in fluent and stuttering children.
- Assessment of respondent acceptability for preference measures in stuttering.
- Early stuttering, temperament and anxiety: Two hypotheses.
- Genetic and environmental effects on stuttering: A twin study from Finland
- Phonetically governed voicing onset and offset in preschool children who stutter.
- Stuttering, disability and the higher education sector in Australia.
- The long term effectiveness of intensive stuttering therapy: A mixed methods study

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Early intervention for stuttering
- Oral Sensorimotor Integration in Adults Who Stutter.
- Stuttering after adenotonsillectomy and ventilation tube insertion

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Brain activity in adults who stutter: Similarities across speaking tasks and correlations with stuttering frequency and speaking rate.
- Efficacy of attention regulation in preschool-age children who stutter: A preliminary investigation.

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- A stuttering education and bullying awareness and prevention resource: A feasibility study
- Syllable-timed speech treatment for school age children who stutter : A Phase I trial
- The effects of concurrent cognitive load on phonological processing in adults who stutter

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- A muscle spindle abnormity in one laryngeal muscle would be sufficient to cause stuttering.
- Australian normative data for the Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering
- Immediate effects of AAF devices on the characteristics of stuttering: A clinical analysis
- Male versus female attitudes toward stuttering.
- Phonological priming in adults who stutter.
- Recounting the K-12 school experiences of adults who stutter: A qualitative analysis.
- The experiences of living with a sibling who stutters: A preliminary study.
- The impact of adolescent stuttering on educational and employment outcomes: Evidence from a birth cohort study

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Clozapine-induced stuttering: a case report and analysis of similar case reports in the literature.
- Corpus callosum morphology in children who stutter.
- Gagueira na web: qualidade da informação/ Stuttering in the web: quality of information

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Atypical Auditory Potentials during a Delayed Naming Paradigm in Adults Who Stutter
- Dual diathesis-stressor model of emotional and linguistic contributions to developmental stuttering
- Hand Preference in Developmental Stuttering: A Test of the Geschwind-Galaburda Hypothesis of Hemispheric Specialization
- Influences of Sentence Length and Syntactic Complexity on the Speech Motor Control of Children Who Stutter
- Integrating functional measures with treatment: a tactic for enhancing personally significant change in the treatment of adults and adolescents who stutter
- Sex-Linked & Handedness Effects: Do Temporal-Parietal Asymmetry Patterns Diverge in Adults Who Stutter?
- The influence of anticipation of word misrecognition on the likelihood of stuttering

O jogador Edinho do Remo enfrentou as câmeras com coragem. Assista ao vídeo em Outros na página MÍDIA.
Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- A crucial role for the cortico-striato-cortical loop in the pathogenesis of stroke-related neurogenic stuttering.
- Hypnotically assisted diaphragmatic exercises in the treatment of stuttering: a preliminary investigation.

O periódico Journal of Fluency está disponibilizando acesso gratuito à sua edição do volume 37 - issue 1 - de março de 2012. Confira.
Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Readability of patient-reported outcome questionnaires for use with persons who stutter

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Stuttering and Language Ability in Children: Questioning the Connection
- The effects of duration and frequency of occurrence of voiceless fricatives on listeners' perceptions of sound prolongations.

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Identifying language and communication disorders as part of the medical curriculum
- Stopping speech suppresses the task-irrelevant hand
- WEBINOand the Return of the King's Speech.

Inserido em Abstract 2012:
- Nature and nurture in stuttering: a systematic review on the case of Moses.

Inserido comentário em Linguagem Humana tem origem na África

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Inseridos quatro novos abstracts em Abstract 2012.

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