Eliana Maria Nigro Rocha


Novidades 2013

Inserido em DIAG 2013 o Power Point das apresentações de Ana Paula Ritto e Eliana Maria Nigro Rocha e o texto de Tania Corralo Hammoud.

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Ago/Dez:
- Effectiveness of intensive, group therapy for teenagers who stutter
- Hemispheric lateralization of motor thresholds in relation to stuttering
- Neural network connectivity differences in children who stutter
- Nonword repetition and phoneme elision skills in school-age children who do and do not stutter
- Public attitudes toward stuttering in Poland
- Reading between the lines: a case series in primary reading epilepsy
- Stuttering among children exposed to (family) high expressed emotion families

Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira - DIAG 2013
Gagueira solucionada? Veja aqui

Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira - DIAG 2013
Com a palavra os que gaguejam. Veja aqui

Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira - DIAG 2013
Condições de Variabilidade da Fluência da Fala. Veja aqui

Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira - DIAG 2013
Aceitação em Gagueira. Veja aqui

Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira - DIAG 2013
O que é Epidemiologia da Gagueira? Saiba aqui

Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira - DIAG 2013
Inscreva-se para o evento do dia 19.10.13 em São Paulo/SP aqui

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Ago/Dez:
- A comparative study on diadochokinetic skill of dyslexic, stuttering, and normal children.
- Dysfluencies in the speech of adults with intellectual disabilities and reported speech difficulties.
- Natural history of stuttering to 4 years of age: a prospective community-based study

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Jan/Jul:
- Atypical caudate anatomy in children who stutter

Inserido em Gagueira Adulto: Uma mensagem de Charles Van Riper.

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Ago/Dez:
- An Informatics Approach to Integrating Genetic and Neurological Data in Speech and Language Neuroscience
- Effect of word accent on the difficulty of transition from core vowels in first syllables to the following segments in Japanese children who stutter
- Lexical category influences in Persian children who stutter
- Phenytoin-induced stuttering: an extremely rare association
- Phonetic complexity and stuttering in Arabic
- Small intragenic deletion in FOXP2 associated with childhood apraxia of speech and dysarthria
- The disfluent speech of a Spanish-English bilingual child who stutters

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Jan/Jul:
- Afferent and Efferent Aspects of Mandibular Sensorimotor Control in Adults who Stutter
- Assessment of stigma associated with stuttering: Development and evaluation of the Self-Stigma of Stuttering Scale (4S).
- Breastfeeding may protect against persistent stuttering
- Computational modeling of stuttering caused by impairments in a basal ganglia thalamo-cortical circuit involved in syllable selection and initiation.
- Disrupted white matter in language and motor tracts in developmental stuttering
- Distribution of language-related Cntnap2 protein in neural circuits critical for vocal learning.
- Expressão de atitudes na fala com gagueira: Percepção de falantes fluentes - texto completo disponível em português
- Memantine-induced speech problems in two patients with autistic disorder
- Oral EMG Activation Patterns for Speech Are Similar in Preschoolers Who Do and Do Not Stutter
- Procedures used for assessment of stuttering frequency and stuttering duration
- Socioeconomic status, parental education, vocabulary and language skills of children who stutter
- The impact of adolescent stuttering and other speech problems on psychological well-being in adulthood: evidence from a birth cohort study.
- Verbal Implicit Sequence Learning in Persons Who Stutter and Persons With Parkinson's Disease

Para quem ainda não viu: www.veduca.com.br - "os melhores cursos universitários do Brasil e do mundo ao alcance de todos" em português ou com legendas para o português.
Em especial, vejam o curso de Estatística e as palestras sobre a primeira infância.

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Mental imagery of speech: linking motor and perceptual systems through internal simulation and estimation
- Special edition of the Oxford Dysfluency Conference

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Jan/Jul:
- An exploration of dichotic listening among adults who stutter
- A preliminary investigation of segmentation and rhyme abilities of children who stutter.
- Attitudes of Turkish speech and language therapists toward stuttering
- Behavioral inhibition and childhood stuttering
- Behavioral treatments for children and adults who stutter: a review
- Description of multilingual participants who stutter
- Early childhood stuttering and electrophysiological indices of language processing.
- Olanzapine versus haloperidol: which can control stuttering better?
- Personality dysfunction in adults who stutter: Another look
- Unscheduled telephone calls to measure percent syllables stuttered during clinical

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Jan/Jul:
- Assessing risk for stuttering in children.
- Clinicians' management of young children with co-occurring stuttering and speech sound disorder.
- Effectiveness of the Lidcombe Program for early stuttering in Australian community clinics.
- Epidemiology of stuttering: 21st century advances
- Logistic regression for risk factor modelling in stuttering research.
- Psychosocial morbidities in school going adolescent girls: a study from a South Indian city.
- Risk factors and stuttering: Evaluating the evidence for clinicians
- Screening school-aged children for risk of stuttering
- Simulating the neural correlates of stuttering.
- Stuttering severity, psychosocial impact and lexical diversity as predictors of outcome for treatment of stuttering
- The SpeechEasy device in stuttering and nonstuttering adults: Fluency effects while speaking and Reading

Harrison Craig - aquele rapaz que gagueja - vence o The Voice da Austrália. Veja aqui.
Algumas apresentações: aqui e aqui.

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Jan/Jul:
- A preliminary investigation of phonological encoding skills in children who stutter.
- Disfluency: it is not always stuttering.
- Effects of sentence-structure complexity on speech initiation time and disfluency.
- Inhibitory control in childhood stuttering.
- Neural anomaly and reorganization in speakers who stutter: A short-term intervention study.
- Revisiting Bloodstein's Anticipatory Struggle Hypothesis from a psycholinguistic perspective: A Variable Release Threshold hypothesis of stuttering
- The impact of stuttering on adults who stutter and their partners.

Acesso livre aos artigos do Journal of Fluency Disorders vol 38 de 2013. São apenas quatro artigos disponíveis, mas um é do Luc de Nill e outro do Yaruss: aqui
Essas promoções do Fluency Disorders costumam ter duração temporária.

Imperdível: Harrison Craig - pessoa que gagueja - apresenta-se no The Voice da Austrália. Aqui

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Quando a posição fluente se perde: desarmonia entre fala e língua - texto completo disponível em português

Inserido em DIAG 2012 na página MÍDIA: síntese da apresentação do grupo "Os jovens e a gagueira".
Atualizada a página DISTÚRBIOS DA FLUÊNCIA, com inserção de novo quadro classificatório.

Inseridos em Gagueira Adulto, na página GAGUEIRA comentários e acesso à tradução do texto de Jackson, Quesal e Yaruss: “What is stuttering: Revisited” (O que é gagueira: Revisitação)

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Gagueira desenvolvimental persistente familial: perspectivas genéticas - texto completo disponível em português

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Jan/Jul:
- An evidence-based review of botulinum toxin (Botox) applications in non-cosmetic head and neck conditions
- Attention Training in rehabilitation of children with developmental stuttering
- Dose dependent stuttering with clozapine: A case report
- Early-stage chunking of finger tapping sequences by persons who stutter and fluent speakers
- Estudo de caso discutido à luz das diferentes abordagens para a terapia da gagueira - texto completo disponível em português
- Individual differences in neural regions functionally related to real and imagined stuttering

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Avoidance of eye gaze by adults who stutter
- Behavioral Stuttering Interventions for Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
- Speech Impairment in Down Syndrome: A Review
- Temperament, speech and language: An overview
- The effect of speech rate on stuttering frequency, phonated intervals, speech effort, and speech naturalness during chorus reading

Reorganizada a classificação dos Abstracts, segundo a data de publicação do Journal e não mais a data de publicação do abstract.

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