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Novidades 2014

Nov/Dez 2014 - Jan/Mar 2015 - Refazendo o site.


Inserido em Abstract 2014 - Jan/Jul:
- Absolute and relative reliability of percent syllables stuttered and severity rating scales
- Modifying attitudes of arab school teachers toward stuttering
- Safety behaviors in speech treatment for adults who stutter
- Stuttering, temperament and anxiety: Data from a community cohort aged 2-4 years
- The reliability of a severity rating scale to measure stuttering in an unfamiliar language.
- Using statistical process control charts to study stuttering frequency variability during a single day
- Webcam delivery of the Lidcombe Program for early stuttering: A Phase I clinical trial

Inserido em Abstract 2014 - Jan/Jul:
- Zonisamide efficacy as adjunctive therapy in children with refractory epilepsy

Inserido em Abstract 2014 - Jan/Jul:
- A functional imaging study of self-regulatory capacities in persons who stutter
- Diffusion imaging of cerebral white matter in persons who stutter: evidence for network-level anomalies
- Emotional reactivity and regulation associated with fluent and stuttered utterances of preschool-age children who stutter
- Evaluation of disfluent speech by means of automatic acoustic measurements.
- Pseudobulbar paralysis in the Renaissance: Cosimo I de' Medici case.
- The role of language familiarity in bilingual stuttering assessment

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Ago/Dez:
- Motor learning cannot explain stuttering adaptation
- Quality of life of caregivers of children and adolescents with speech and language disorders - texto completo disponível em português

Inserido em Abstract 2014 - Jan/Jul:
- Impaired timing adjustments in response to time-varying auditory perturbation during connected speech production in persons who stutter
- Review of Telehealth Stuttering Management
- Speech disfluencies of preschool-age children who do and do not stutter

Inserido em Abstract 2012 - Ago/Dez:
- Stuttering and language ability in children: questioning the connection

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Ago/Dez:
- Cases of three patients undergoing chemotherapy for gastric cancer who developed Trousseau's syndrome
- Current topics and future prospect for pediatric speech disorder-school children with stuttering
- Lexical priming in fluent and with developmental stuttering children - texto completo disponível em português
- Psychological characteristics and perceptions of stuttering of adults who stutter with and without support group experience
- Stuttering and work life: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
- The role of psychological processes in estimates of stuttering severity

Inserido em Abstract 2014 - Jan/Jul:
- Preliminary study of disfluency in school-aged children with autism
- Stuttering inhibition via altered auditory feedback during scripted telephone conversations
- Systematic studies of modified vocalization: the effect of speech rate on speech production measures during metronome-paced speech in persons who stutter

Inserido em Abstract 2013 - Ago/Dez:
- Acquired stuttering due to recurrent anaplastic astrocytoma
- Clinician percent syllables stuttered, clinician severity ratings and speaker severity ratings: are they interchangeable?
- Defining stuttering for research purposes.
- Emotional reactivity and regulation in preschool-age children who stutter.
- Nonword repetition and nonword reading abilities in adults who do and do not stutter
- Recurrent involuntary imagery in people who stutter and people who do not stutter.
- Regional brain activity change predicts responsiveness to treatment for stuttering in adults.
- Speech sound articulation abilities of preschool-age children who stutter
- Stuttering prevalence, incidence and recovery rates depend on how we define it: comment on Yairi & Ambrose' article Epidemiology of stuttering: 21st century advances.
- The social and communication impact of stuttering on adolescents and their families

Inserido em Abstract 2014 - Jan/Jul:
- Motor outcome of dystonic camptocormia treated with pallidal neurostimulation

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