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Novidades 2017


Uma modificação nos templates da Locaweb alterou algumas características do meu site, especialmente a visualização dos links. Estou adequando estes para o novo esquema e em breve espero poder ter tudo em ordem para poder postar novo material.




Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

- Abnormal auditory synchronization in stuttering: A magnetoencephalographic study.

- A Lag in Speech Motor Coordination During Sentence Production Is Associated With Stuttering Persistence in Young Children.

- Altered morphology of the nucleus accumbens in persistent developmental stuttering.

- An exploration of the mechanisms of change following an integrated group intervention for stuttering, as perceived by school-aged children who stutter (CWS).

- Anomalous network architecture of the resting brain in children who stutter.

- A preliminary study on the neural oscillatory characteristics of motor preparation prior to dysfluent and fluent utterances in adults who stutter.

- A real-time phoneme counting algorithm and application for speech rate monitoring.

- A speech and psychological profile of treatment-seeking adolescents who stutter.

- Atypical brain activation in children who stutter in a visual Go/Nogo task: An ERP study.

- Children who stutter show reduced action-related activity in the rostral cingulate zone.

- Disfluency characteristics of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms.J

- Estimates of functional cerebral hemispheric differences in monolingual and bilingual people who stutter: Visual hemifield paradigm

- Grey matter volume differences in the left caudate nucleus of people who stutter - ???

- Hemodynamics of speech production: An fNIRS investigation of children who stutter.

- Intragenic CNTNAP2 Deletions: A Bridge Too Far?

- Investigating the feasibility of using transcranial direct current stimulation to enhance fluency in people who stutter.

- Japanese normative data for the Unhelpful Thoughts and Beliefs about Stuttering (UTBAS) Scales for adults who stutter.

- Language skills of children during the first 12 months after stuttering onset.

- Proton Chemical Shift Imaging of the Brain in Pediatric and Adult Developmental Stuttering



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Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

- A country-wide probability sample of public attitudes toward stuttering in Portugal.

- A pilot study into a possible relationship between diet and stuttering

- Comparing acceptance and rejection in the classroom interaction of students who stutter and their peers: A social network analysis.

- Psychological counseling as an adjunct to stuttering treatment: Clients' experiences and perceptions.

- The relationship between the experience of stuttering and demographic characteristics of adults who stutter.


Inserido em Abstracts Agosto a Dezembro de 2016:

- Formant transitions in the fluent speech of Farsi-speaking people who stutter.

- International Phase II clinical trial of CBTPsych: A standalone Internet social anxiety treatment for adults who stutter.

- Phase II trial of a syllable-timed speech treatment for school-age children who stutter

- Primary school teachers' opinions and attitudes towards stuttering in two South African urban education districts

- Speech-activated Myoclonus Mimicking Stuttering in a Patient with Myoclonus-Dystonia Syndrome.

- Stuttering, alcohol consumption and smoking.


Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2016:

- Yoga: Potential Benefits for Persons Who Stutter.


Inserido em Abstracts Agosto a Dezembro de 2015:

- Perspectives of Clinicians Involved in the RESTART-Study: Outcomes of a Focus Group.




Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

- An Automatic Prolongation Detection Approach in Continuous Speech with Robustness against Speaking Rate Variations.

- Cortical auditory evoked potentials in children who stutter

- Cortical dynamics of disfluency in adults who stutter

- Factitious Disorder Presenting with Stuttering in Two Adolescents: The Importance of Psychoeducation.

- Fear of Negative Evaluation, Trait Anxiety, and Judgment Bias in Adults who Stutter.

- FOXP2 variants in 14 individuals with developmental speech and language disorders broaden the mutational and clinical spectrum

- Impact of Internet Gambling on Mental and Psychological Health of Children of Various Ages

- Man stops stuttering with alcohol dependence drug

- Research about suppression effect and auditory processing in individuals who stutter.

- Safety Behaviors and Stuttering.

- Speaking fluently with baclofen?




Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

- Auditory-motor adaptation is reduced in adults who stutter but not in children who stutter

- Childhood Laryngeal Dystonia Following Bilateral Globus Pallidus Abnormality: A Case Study and Review of Literature

- Comparison between the speech performance of fluent speakers and individuals who stutter.

- EEG Mu (µ) rhythm spectra and oscillatory activity differentiate stuttering from non-stuttering adults

- Estimates of functional cerebral hemispheric differences in monolingual and bilingual people who stutter: Dual-task paradigm.

- Evidence for the treatment of co-occurring stuttering and speech sound disorder: A clinical case series.

- Explicit and Implicit Verbal Response Inhibition in Preschool-Age Children Who Stutter.

- Exploring risk factors for stuttering development in Parkinson disease after deep brain stimulation

- Genetic contributions to stuttering: the current evidence.

- Maintenance of Social Anxiety in Stuttering: A Cognitive-Behavioral Model.

- Manganese exposure and neurotoxic effects in children

- Temperament and Early Stuttering Development: Cross-Sectional Findings From a Community Cohort.

- The Effects of Parent-Focused Slow Relaxed Speech Intervention on Articulation Rate, Response Time Latency, and Fluency in Preschool Children Who Stutter.

- Using critical realistic evaluation to support translation of research into clinical practice.

- White matter developmental trajectories associated with persistence and recovery of childhood stuttering.




Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

- A comparison of attitudes towards stuttering of non-stuttering preschoolers in the United States and Turkey.

- Anxiety in 11-Year-Old Children Who Stutter: Findings From a Prospective Longitudinal Community Sample.

- Overexpression of human NR2B receptor subunit in LMAN causes stuttering and song sequence changes in adult zebra finches

- Stuttering treatment and brain research in adults: A still unfolding relationship​

- Transcranial magnetic stimulation in developmental stuttering: Relations with previous neurophysiological research and future perspectives.




Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

ACTH has beneficial effects on stuttering in ADHD and ASD patients with ESES: A retrospective study




Inserido em Abstracts Agosto a Dezembro de 2016:

Alcohol drinking patterns in young people: A survey-based study 

- A Research Note to Encourage Study of Speech Breathing in Children Who Stutter.

- Communication restriction in adults who stutter: Part III

- Cortical activity during cued picture naming predicts individual differences in stuttering frequency.

- Effect of aerobic exercises on stuttering

- Fluency aspects of oral narrative task in del22q11.2 syndrome

- General vulnerability to stuttering: The experience of stuttering and conditions bringing about invulnerability.

- Left posterior-dorsal area 44 couples with parietal areas to promote speech fluency, while right area 44 activity promotes the stopping of motor responses

- Olanzapine induced stuttering: a case report.

- Parents' reactions to children's stuttering and style of coping with stress

- Premonitory Awareness in Stuttering Scale (PAiS)

- Prevalence of anxiety disorders among children who stutter.

- Relation between functional connectivity and rhythm discrimination in children who do and do not stutter

- Self-perceived competence and social acceptance of young children who stutter: Initial findings

- Sensorimotor Oscillations Prior to Speech Onset Reflect Altered Motor Networks in Adults Who Stutter

- Speech rhythm in Kannada speaking adults who stutter.







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