Eliana Maria Nigro Rocha







Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- Prevalence and Therapy Rates for Stuttering, Cluttering, and Developmental Disorders of Speech and Language: Evaluation of German Health Insurance Data

- Psychological characteristics of early stuttering – INFANTIL / EMOCIONAL

- Societal knowledge of stuttering in Saudi population

- Speech and Anxiety Management With Persistent Stuttering: Current Status and Essential Research

- Speech auditory-motor adaptation to formant-shifted feedback lacks an explicit component: reduced adaptation in adults who stutter reflects limitations in implicit sensorimotor learning




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- Identifying developmental stuttering and associated comorbidities in electronic health records and creating a phenome risk classifier

- Preliminary study of self-perceived communication competence amongst adults who do and do not stutter

- Real and virtual classrooms can trigger the same levels of stuttering severity ratings and anxiety in school-age children and adolescents who stutter
- Relationships between stigma-identity constructs and psychological health outcomes among adults who stutter




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- An experiment on measuring awareness of stuttering in individuals with Down syndrome

- Clozapine-induced stuttering in the absence of known risk factors: a case report

- Predictors of communication attitude in preschool-age children who stutter




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- Lexical Planning in People Who Stutter: A Defect in Lexical Encoding or the Planning Scope?

- Linguistic features of dysfluencies in Parkinson Disease

- Migraine and adult-onset stuttering: A proposed autoimmune phenomenon

- Phonetic complexity and stuttering in Turkish-speaking children who stutter

- Public attitudes towards people who stutter in South Egypt




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- Cultural difference in attitudes towards stuttering among British, Arab and Chinese students: Considering home and host cultures

- Effects of tDCS on Sound Duration in Patients with Apraxia of Speech in Primary Progressive Aphasia

- Latent Class Analysis Reveals Distinct Groups Based on Executive Function and Socioemotional Traits, Developmental Conditions, and Stuttering: A Population Study




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- Drug induced stuttering: pharmacovigilance data

- Effect of Maximally Relaxed Lying Posture on the Severity of Stuttering in Young Adults Who Stutter

- Enlarged Area of Mesencephalic Iron Deposits in Adults Who Stutter

- Evaluating adaptation effect in real versus virtual reality environments with people who stutter

- Evolution in technology and changes in the perspective of stuttering therapy: A review study

- Interventions for children and adolescence who stutter: A systematic review, meta-analysis, and evidence map

- Investigation of Risperidone Treatment Associated With Enhanced Brain Activity in Patients Who Stutter

- Is social distancing a boon or bane for persons who stutter during COVID-19 pandemic?




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- Acquired stuttering after pediatric concussion

- Comprehensive Review of Factors Influencing the Use of Telepractice in Stuttering Treatment

- Do dyslexia and stuttering share a processing deficit?

- Does the clinical utility of self-disclosure of stuttering transcend culturally and linguistically diverse populations?




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- Association Between Gray Matter Volume Variations and Energy Utilization in the Brain: Implications for Developmental Stuttering

- Cognitive control of action naming in adults who stutter

- Cognitive Flexibility and Effortful Control in School-Age Children With and Without Stuttering Disorders




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- A Case Report of Clozapine-Associated Stuttering and Amisulpride-Associated Stuttering and Seizure in an Adult on Concurrent Fluoxetine Therapy

- A Questionnaire Survey About Support Requests From School-Age Children and Adolescents Who Stutter

- A systematic review on the role of language-related factors in the manifestation of stuttering in bilinguals

- Case Report: Deep Brain Stimulation to the Ventral Internal Capsule/Ventral Striatum Induces Repeated Transient Episodes of Voltage-Dependent Tourette-Like Behaviors




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2021:

- A Case of Acute Stuttering Resulting after a Sports-related Concussion

- A comparison of the performance of Persian speaking children who do and do not stutter on three nonwords repetition tasks

- A Preliminary Investigation of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Characteristics in Adults Who Stutter





Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2020:

- Larger reported impact of stuttering in teenage females, compared to males - A comparison of teenagers' result on Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES)

- Public attitudes toward people who stutter in the workplace: A questionnaire survey of Japanese employees

- Speech restructuring group treatment for 6-to-9-year-old children who stutter: A therapeutic trial

- Stuttering and Word-Finding Difficulties in a Patient With COVID-19 Presenting to the Emergency Department





Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2020:

- College professors' perceptions of students who stutter and the impact on comfort approaching professors

- Early childhood educators' knowledge and attitudes toward young children who stutter

- Emotional and behavioural problems of children and adolescents who stutter: Comparison with typically developing peers

- Emotional Reactivity and Regulation in Preschool-Age Children Who Do and Do Not Stutter: Evidence From Autonomic Nervous System Measures

- Evaluating three stuttering assessments through network analysis, random forests and cluster analysis





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