Eliana Maria Nigro Rocha




Novidades 2024





Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2024:

- Attitudes toward stuttering of college students in the USA and China: A cross-cultural comparison using the POSHA-S

- Can listeners predict whether or not a stutter follows a stretch of fluent speech?

- Designing a Module on Stuttering and Cluttering: A Guide for Speech-Language Pathology Educators

- Evaluation of an Integrated Fluency and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intervention for Adolescents and Adults Who Stutter

- Genetic architecture of childhood speech disorder: a review

- How perceived communication skills needed for careers influences vocational stereotyping of people who stutter




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2024:

- Manifestation of speech disfluencies in preschool Cantonese-English speaking bilingual children

- Morphological deficits of glial cells in a transgenic mouse model for developmental stuttering

- Screening for Speech and Language Delay and Disorders in Children 5 Years or Younger: Evidence Report and Systematic Review for the US Preventive Services Task Force

- Therapeutic potential of robots for people who stutter: a preliminary study




Inserido em Neurociências: teaser e excertos do artigo Trajetórias do Desenvolvimento Cerebral associadas à Persistência e Recuperação da Gagueira Infantil




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2024:

- Attitudes of Malaysian Speech-Language Pathologists and Speech-Language Pathology Students Toward Stuttering

- Awareness and Knowledge of Stuttering Among Malaysian School-Aged Children: An Exploratory Study

- Risk of sleep problems in a clinical sample of children who stutter

-Self-reported musculoskeletal pain, headache, jaw pain and swallowing dysfunction in a sample of young Saudi adults who stutter

- What works, how and in which contexts when supporting parents to implement intensive speech and language therapy at home for children with speech sound disorder? A protocol for a realist review




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2023:

- Brain response to errors in children who stutter

- Delay frustration in children who do and do not stutter: A preliminary study

- Exploring participatory health research and its application to speech and language therapy research practices

- Predictors of public attitudes in Saudi Arabia toward people who stutter




Inserido em Abstracts janeiro a julho de 2024:

- A case study of bilingual neurogenic stuttering: Measures of fluency, emotion, and articulation rate


Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2023:

- A different perspective into clinical symptoms in CPT I deficiency

- Stuttering in individuals with Down syndrome: a systematic review of earlier research




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2023:

- Ann Packman: Reflections on a career

- Computational Intelligence-Based Stuttering Detection: A Systematic Review




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2023:

- Comparing the beliefs regarding biological or psychological causalities toward stereotyped perception of people who stutter

- Improving specificity of stimulation-based language mapping in stuttering glioma patients: A mixed methods serial case study 

- Self-Reported Stuttering Severity Is Accurate: Informing Methods for Large-Scale Data Collection in Stuttering




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2023:

- A comparison of structural morphometry in children and adults with persistent developmental stuttering

- Dyslexia and Stuttering: An Overview of Processing Deficits and the Relationship Between Them

- Prevalence, comorbidities, and profiles of neurodevelopmental disorders according to the DSM-5-TR in children aged 6 years old in a European region




Inserido em Abstracts agosto a dezembro de 2023:

- Comparison of Participation in Online Games and Communication Experiences of School-Age Children Who Do and Do not Stutter: Exploratory Study

- Meta-analysis of structural integrity of white matter and functional connectivity in developmental stuttering

- Preferred Communication Strategies for People with Communication Disabilities in Health Care Encounters: a Qualitative Study

- Stuttering as a spectrum disorder: A hypothesis





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